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To share the truth of God's word as the answer to the problems of the World today.

Learn the Word, Love the Word, Live the Word!


To build a place of worship where all people of all ethnic groups can worship God and experience His presence through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

To be a Fellowship that ministers to the whole person, spiritually, emotionally, and physically through small group ministries and evangelistic outreach.

To reach people in the region of our surrounding community and to make them disciples of Christ and faithful partners in the ministry as we strive together as a local body to advance the Kingdom of God.

To build a multi-faceted worship facility, to serve as the administrative and educational headquarters for our multi-dimensional ministry.

To influence our world through Kingdom stewardship by facilitating entrepreneurship; establishing businesses and financial institutions to ensure the preservation of our posterity.

To be a Fellowship that meets the challenge of ignorance by providing Christ-centered education through the establishment of enrichment programs and seminaries.

To partnership with the Universal Body of Christ in Global evangelism and edification of the Universal Fellowship by planting daughter fellowships, sending and supporting missionaries, and equipping leaders as the Holy Spirit leads us.

To exhort all of humanity to surrender in love to the reign of the Kingdom of God in order to enjoy the kind of life that God has ordained.



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